Make It, Bake It, Do It

Ever since we got back from Cairo, my school schedule has been absolutely crazy.  Studying for finals, writing research papers, and preparing presentations has been a significant portion of my life for the last few weeks, and now that I'm almost done with this semester, I was trying to come up with something to get me back into my flow.

I haven't been cooking much lately; I've got a bunch of Christmas crafts I want to do, and there are so many things to do on campus that we haven't explored.  So starting on December 12th (my last two finals are on the 11th) I'm declaring five days of Make It, Bake It, Do It.  Every day I want to make some Christmas craft, bake something, and do something on campus, and then I'll come back here and show you all the fun we're having getting ready for Christmas!  It is really starting to look festive around here!

To kick things off, here are some Christmas cookies Steve made that we decorated.  We used Alton Brown's Sugar Cookie recipe and really when does Alton ever lead you wrong?

We also made Apple Turnovers from Mine for the Making tonight.  So delicious.  And using puff pastry isn't too challenging.  It was even surprisingly plentiful at the grocery store.

And here are a few more pictures of Algebra! She has been a pretty good kitten, but she does have her crazy moments. Every night around 10 she just goes bonkers, sprinting around, jumping up on the tables (which we are trying to teach her not to do) and trying to chew and claw everything. Eventually she wears herself out, and comes to snuggle between our pillows for the night.