Make It, Bake It, Do It: Day 4

Our day started a lot earlier than normal today because I was supposed to give a campus tour at noon, but the school ended up canceling it and bumping me to a later tour with basically no notice.  So we went and got doughnuts since it was so early in the morning (11:30) and then hung around until the tour at 2.  The tour was basically for parents who are here for the graduation ceremony tomorrow, and we went to all the major areas of campus.  Kind of boring, but I earned some free meal tickets, so it was a good deal.

There was a gift bazaar down by the harbor and Steve got a jolla bag hand made in Nepal and we also got a stained glass Christmas ornament.

Steve's new bag

Stained glass Christmas ornament

It would have been great to make traditional Christmas crackers from Squawkfox, but we didn't have anything fun to put in them, or the cracker part that makes the noise, so we just made empty crackers.
Noiseless crackers

We also made gingerbread men.  Like with the cinnamon applesauce ornaments we had to use makeshift cookie cutters, but at least this time we can nibble on the fruits of our labor.

Tasty gingerbread men

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