Make It, Bake It, Do It: Day 3

Today was a quiet, laid back day.

We made a paper chain to hang in the study, baked cheesecake bars, and went to a concert on campus.

The paper chain was pretty simple.  We can totally handle cutting paper and stapling.

I also did laundry, dusted, and devised a new way to copy internet pages into OneNote, but those are way less exciting.  For about half an hour I had the motivation to do a French manicure, but after buffing and polishing, I gave up.  Maybe tomorrow I'll actually paint them. Who knows.
 Paper Chain hanging in the study

We tried to make cheesecake bars courtesy of Baking Bites, but we haven't been able to find cream cheese, just cream cheese spread.  We hoped that somehow it would turn out alright despite this.  Unfortunately it didn't have a very good texture, and mostly ended up with a baked egg texture, which I find gross.  Oh well, add cheesecake to the list of things we'll have to wait until we get back to make.

Cheesecake bars out of the oven

The concert was really nice, the angklung ensemble played a few songs, and it was really impressive.  Each person is responsible for only a few notes, so it takes many people to play a song.  Here's a video of some students playing (not here at school):

It's a hard knock life when you get trapped without your toys. (Steve took this)

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On an end note, grades came in and I finished the semester with a 3.59, which I'm pretty pleased with.