Make It, Bake It, Do It: Day 2

Today we made cinnamon applesauce ornaments, made wassail, and went to the beacon and bowling at the sports club.

The cinnamon applesauce ornaments were challenging at best.  Many of the recipes we found used white glue, which we haven't found anywhere here yet.  The consistency of the "dough" was weird and hard to work with, and our lack of cookie cutters made it a bit harder to work with.  We printed and cut out basic Christmas shapes we found online and used a knife to cut around the shapes.

Our "cookie cutters"

Baking in the oven

 We'll probably try some salt dough ornaments and hope they turn out a bit easier.

As a delicious evening treat, we made wassail.  The recipe is a Crockpot recipe, but since I'm without my beloved Crockpot this year, and they only sell rice cookers here, we just made it on the stove with the heat turned down to low.  This is such an easy recipe and it makes a fantastic drink, so I really recommend that you try it!  On a side note, A Year of Slow Cooking has a wealth of Crockpot recipes, and most of the ones I've tried are amazing.

Finally, we went to the beacon this afternoon, and then went bowling.
Some dinghies out on the water.

They were setting up for the Gala Dinner tonight.

Sitting waterside near the beacon.

We bowled two games at the sports club.  Bowling is normally an incredibly cheap activity, but even more so here.  A game is only 5 SAR ($1.30) per person and that includes shoes!

The bowling lanes.

Steve bowling.  I beat him in the first game.

After we both got over 100 in the first game, we decided to bowl another.  I got three strikes in the first game!  We should have stopped while we were ahead because we did terribly the second time! (and Steve won)

We were the only ones there so we each used two balls.

Finally Steve was doing some cleaning.  Apparently our mothers forgot to teach us to squeegee the wool rugs to remove carpet fuzz, because that was the easiest way to get it off.  We've agreed that we'll never get wool rugs in the future; they have been nothing but a pain in the rear.

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