Make It, Bake It, Do It: Day 1

In case you missed the announcement of Make It, Bake It, Do It feel free to check out the idea behind the series.

Today, we went to the pool, made snow paint, and baked kitty treats and banana bread.

I'll spare you the pool pictures, because no one up to their eyeballs in snow really wants to see us relaxing poolside in the delightful 78 degree weather.  And, since taking pictures at the pool is violently prohibited, (heaven forbid someone photographs us while scantily clad) we don't have any to show you.

The snow paint turned out pretty good.  The idea was from Disney's Family Fun and they have a lot of great Christmas crafts.  We had some issues with the soap not completely dissolving in the water, so using a finer grind on the grater would have probably been better.  Our beloved kitten was not smart enough to avoid eating the "snow" as we were painting.  Apparently she should have been named Pre-Algebra perhaps.  She didn't seem interested in eating it off of the window though, so I think it'll be okay to leave up.

This is what the "snow" looked like. 

We didn't have paintbrushes or anything crafty, so I used my hands.

Please, trust me I know that I craft like a kindergartener, no need to make fun.

Our dining room mirror, and in the reflection our staircase.

The kitty treats we made were the "Savory Cheese Treats" from Pet Place.  Honestly, we gave them a try too and they were pretty tasty!  Don't judge us, there was nothing particularly kitten only in the recipe.  Algebra seemed to like them too!

And finally the banana bread from David Lebovitz turned out lovely as expected.  This is my go to banana bread recipe and really, I like it so much that trying another recipe just seems wasteful.

I forgot to take a picture after it was baked before we cut it; it is that good.

So that was our day!  And grades were turned in on my hardest class, thankfully it went better than expected, so all of the fall semester stress can now officially get out!