Interesting Internet

There's a lot of interesting internet out there and sometimes it's nice to go check that out instead.

Being out of the US sometimes it's hard to stay in touch with what's going on back home, but reading articles about TSA security (@au news) bordering on the inappropriate (@gizmodo) is just saddening.  I know we all need to stay safe, but can we keep our dignity too?

Unclutterer had a really interesting look at pack rats in "Through the Looking Glass."  I read "Alice in Wonderland" recently and have "Through the Looking Glass" on my list of upcoming reads.  It makes me wonder if there might be similar characters out there in other works of fiction.

I loved this post from Little Bit Funky about doing something instead of nothing.  The notion that even something small is better than nothing really helped kick me into the holiday season this year.

And finally, for some news from Saudi, go check out the latest post from Susie about an illegal women's sporting event that was held earlier in December.  Even though it wasn't legal, I'm so glad that events like this take place.  So many things that happen or don't happen make living here feel so dramatically different than the US, and stories like these bring me at least a small amount of hope.

Happy End of the Year!