A Few Changes

Life since we got back from Cairo has been crazy.  Completely crazy.  I'm trying to wrap up the end of my semester, only 11 days left, but in that 11 days I've got one homework assignment, two group research papers due, two group presentations, one individual presentation, and three more finals before I'm done.  So please pardon the lack of Cairo stories here lately, I promise we'll tell you all about it, but photo editing and writing are somewhere down around sleeping and showering on the list of things to do. (Totally kidding about the shower)

But we've got one big change around the apartment we couldn't wait to show everyone:

We just adopted the most adorable, loving, and friendly kitty!  So internet, meet Algebra, which seems fitting since algebra has long dating roots to the Middle East.

I also got my hair cut.  It was getting way too long and I wasn't doing anything with it, so I decided to check out the salon on campus.  They were pretty good, and I practically walked in without an appointment, which was convenient. 

Algebra, or Algie for short has taken a liking to my computer's mouse.  She's already quite fond of sitting right on my computer or lecture notes just to get a little attention.

Watch for some Cairo updates here shortly!