Eid Boat Cruise

These pictures are way too old for me to be sharing them without realistically feeling like a complete slacker.

During the First Eid we went on a boat trip sponsored by the school.  They served tasty snacks and we hung out on the boat.  It was pretty uneventful, but relaxing.

They had some really cute decor at the yacht club, yes we have a yacht club on campus.  It's kind of awesome since they use it to sponsor boat trips.  We're considering going on a snorkeling trip soon.

Reading our Kindle before getting on the boat.  I wish we had been able to get the Kindle 3, but these have been fabulous.  I'm a complete e-book convert.

Harbor with the mosque in the background.

The building in the middle with the cone on top is the Harbor Sports Club, which is also pretty darn nice.

Pretty water in the harbor.

The beacon.  I really want to get over there and take pictures from the inside.  Maybe it'll happen over break.

Some of the delicious snacks served during the trip.

This is the welcome center where I actually got to see the campus being constructed for the first time back in January of 2008.

This is what the campus looked like when I visited in 2008.  Quite a bit different.

The crew wore these adorable sailing outfits.

An interesting building probably near Thuwal, but we aren't sure what it is or what it's used for.

Pardon the gross sweat, it was really hot and humid.