"Welcome to Egypt"

We arrived in Egypt at about two in the morning on the 11th after a very trying ordeal at the Jeddah Airport. I will never complain about airport hassles in the US again. There was a line for international check-in that snaked its way all the way through the airport, easily 100 yards long. If we had stayed in that line we probably would have missed our flight. After some scouting around I found a much shorter line, but it still took us an hour to check-in. The hostel sent someone to the airport to pick us up, and we were in our room and asleep very quickly.

Today we went out to one of the islands in the Nile and visited and aquarium/park. There weren't many live fish, but there was a guy very very eager to tell us all about the Tilapia. There were bunches of preserved fish in jars, and taxidermified animals, it was pretty creepy, Abby will put up some pictures later.

Then we went to the Cairo Tower, which was pretty overpriced, and had a really good meal at the cafe near the base of the tower. I had beef shewarma, and it was amazing.

The title of this post is the little bit of english that everybody seems to know, and it is what they say before hassling you to see their perfume shop, or take their tour, visit their shop, see their fish, or whatever. It is really aggravating, almost as much as the constant, and I do mean constant, car horns. We have decided to visit the Coptic tomorrow, and I will make sure Abby puts up some pictures.