Around the Web

I don't spend a lot of time following the news here; it isn't something I did back home, and now the fact that most news isn't in English here makes it even less likely for me to know what's going on off campus.  But then I found this blog, and she does a great job highlighting issues and news primarily out of Jeddah.

Reading posts like this really makes me question being here.  But hearing about these two events makes me think sometimes that improvement is possible and somehow through small changes over a long period of time, it might get better here.

In other news, I found this post at Make It and Love It, which links to an offer for a free 8x10 canvas print.  I'm thinking about getting one of our wedding pictures printed.

Finally, go to Hyperbole and a Half and read about the God of Cake, I was dying of laughter all the way through, and so will you!

Boat trip during last Eid