To Bake or Not to Bake

We've been doing a tiny bit of baking lately, some purposefully and some to make up for other baking mistakes.

First, we made these delicious chocolate chip cookies.  They claim to be the best chocolate chip cookie recipe out there, and while I can't say definitely that they're the best they certainly were delicous!  We only have 1 cookie sheet and a smaller than average size oven so we rolled most of the dough into individual cookie balls and then froze them.  It was beyond amazing to pop half a dozen cookies into the oven and in 10 minutes (they need less time when already frozen) get a batch of cookies!

Are these not the most beautiful cookies you've ever seen?  They're certainly the prettiest cookies I've ever made!

Unfortunately I really wanted to try out this Brownie Pillow Cookie  but with a single bag of chocolate chips running about $4.20 here it was going to be almost $20 worth of chocolate to make this recipe plus the Outrageous Brownies  that would make up the "pillow" part of the cookie.

Our next foray was into one of my absolute favorite recipes, Banana Bread Cake.  Banana bread is good in so many different ways.  You can make it like a cake, in a bread pan so you can slice it like bread, or in a muffin pan to get individual banana bread muffins.  Right now we're making it cake style since we don't have a bread pan or a muffin pan.

We also made a loaf of bread, sorry no pictures from that, it just didn't last very long!  Our second attempt at bread did not rise at all, so instead of giving up on it we turned it into breadsticks and an elephant ear type snack.

For the breadsticks we just rolled long ropes of dough and baked them in the oven until browned and delicious.

For the elephant ears, we rolled the dough very thin and fried it up in some oil until crispy. We then added some cinnamon and sugar, but powdered sugar would have been better!

Steve frying:

Final product:

Up next we're going to give wheat bread a try.