Our Weekend

Weekends here are on Thursday and Friday, so we've spent the last two days hanging out enjoying a few days off class and job searching.  We had dinner at Quizno's here on campus tonight, trying it for the first time; let me tell you it definitely left something to be desired.  The food was decent, but it some ways it doesn't live up to Subway where they let you customize to your hearts content.  The level of service here is just lack luster non existent.  It took three tries to tell the worker that I did in fact expect lettuce on a veggie sub. Three tries. No wonder I don't look forward to trying to buy anything here, because any verbal communication necessary takes at least twice as long as it should and is flat out exhausting.  We tried to get Quizno's last night, but for some reason by 6:30 pm they were "Close" (I promise that's what their sign says!).  Now I don't know why they were "close" so early and they couldn't seem to tell us their working hours when Steve asked.

After dinner, we took a few pictures of us together.  We haven't really taken any together since the summer so it was definitely time for some new ones!

So it turns out, neither one of us can look in the right place at the right time, oh well.

On a final note, I found this the other day.  It is definitely worth reading and really made me consider what was on my to-do list.