Kite Adventure

With the good wind here on the Red Sea, we decided to try out the kite we brought with us.  We got a Symphony Beach 1.7 m kite while honeymooning on St. Martin back in July and had only gotten to fly it once since buying it.  We wanted the 1.3 m which apparently was more of a beginner kite whereas this one calls itself intermediate.  Anyway, it's a bit of work to keep it in control and up in the air!

We flew the kite on the football (soccer) field at the park near our apartment.  It's a really quick bike ride to the park and they've done a couple of campus events there this year.

This is unfortunately how our kite ended up more often than not.  It was really hard to control since it had two lines instead of one.  We both made it nose dive straight into the ground a couple of times and the poor kite took some pretty hard impacts.

Cute little gazebo in the park. 

Some housing near the park.  I think this is where faculty and administrative staff live with their families.