Cairo Day 8: Urman Gardens and Cairo Zoo

On our last day in Cairo we decided to go check out the Cairo Zoo.  We read a lot of bad things about how the animals are kept and the excuses the keepers make about it, so we figured we'd only go if we had time.

On our way to the zoo, we ran across the Urman Gardens, and since it was only 50 piasters (9 cents!) each to get in, we decided to take a stroll through the park.  It was quiet and relaxed, quite the opposite of Al-Ahzar Park where we were overwhelmed by all the people around.

After relaxing in the park reading our Kindles, we headed on to the zoo.  The zoo is also ridiculously cheap at 2 pounds (36 cents) but as soon as one of the ticket sellers saw us, he turned and went into the ticket booth and told the other ticket sellers that our tickets were going to be 20 pounds.  While it still would have been around $7 for us both to get in, having them force us to pay 10 times more just because we were Westerners just wasn't going to happen.

We decided to skip out on the zoo, and it turned out not to be a bad decision, because as we were walking by we saw their white flamingos and trashy grassy areas and realized we weren't missing much.

On the way back to the hostel, we snagged this picture at a nearby construction site, which bears a very important message we should all keep in mind:

The Safaty Fitst.  Apparently the English language isn't however safe.

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