Tracking: Tea

Quantified Self is a topic I've been deeply interested in for the last two or three years, and 2016 was a huge year for me with self-tracking. I dropped off a lot of my tracking in 2017 because I thought I didn't need it, and in retrospect I think that was a poor choice. I'm going to be adding things back through the year, and I think I'll use this as a reocurring series. Most of what I tracked in 2016 was focused on helping myself answer questions about how happy or content I was. Tracking mostly irrelevant information is a staple of Michael Aranda videos and seems like a fun addition. So for no good reason, I'm going to snap a photo of any new type of tea I drink this year.

Tea isn't something I drink much of; it's one of a handlful of foods where my enthusiasm strongly ebbs and flows over time. Since I'm in a tea mood it'll be interesting to see how long it lasts.

I don't have a formal method of collecting this data yet, so for now I'm logging it in a google spreadsheet and snapping a photo of each new one. (A comprehensive review of my data collection methods is necessary, especially since it will change a lot this year).

So to start, here are three teas I've tried, using the standard Amazon rating scale:

  • Jocko White Tea (5/5)
  • Tazo cucumber white (4/5)
  • Traditonal Medicinals Chamomile with Lavender (1/5)